How to Open an Auto Dealership

If you want to sell cars to the public, there are a few requirements that you must first complete. It is perfectly fine to sell a car or two to family or others during the course of the year, but if you want to conduct bigger business transactions, these mandatory steps protect you and keep you out of hot water. Learn more about the professional dmv services tarzana ca offered by professionals to ease some of the headaches that you might incur when opening an auto dealership. As a general rule, you will want to complete the following steps to open an auto dealership:

1.    Determine the type of license best for your needs.

2.    Contact the state licensing authority to learn the steps necessary to earn an auto dealer license.

3.    Go online or visit the local state authority to complete an application. There are several application forms that you must complete. Be sure to read each of the forms and understand them.

4.    Do you meet the licensing requirement? You must pass a background check and must also seek bonding. You must complete a few tests to determine your eligibility.

5.    Create a business plan if you’ve not done so already. This is an important element for any new business owner.

6.    Obtain a business license. Any business that you plan to operate requires that you get a business license. There are fees for the license.

7.    Apply for a surety bond.

8.    Find a retail location for your business. You are free to choose the location you want to operate but keep in mind zoning requirements in each area.

9.    Complete a DBA statement.

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10.  Submit the application and wait for an answer from the state.

There are several steps a person must take to open an auto dealership but the effort is well spent once you open the doors to your business.

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